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In Genesis 3:9, God asks Adam a very insightful question. “Where are you?” In the same way, we believe a crucial step in life with God is to know how the events of our life have shaped our core beliefs and practices.

Men's Ministry at Hope exists to create space for men of all ages to find their story, live their story and tell their story.  We believe that all men were created in the image of God and created for dynamic and compelling relationships.

Our desire is to assist men in navigating, authenticating and validating the life that Jesus modeled, a life of adventure, friendship and purpose.  

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Know Your Story…

Ever find yourself wondering “What happened?” Or feeling like your life resembles a movie you walked into halfway through? There is stuff going on, but it’s not clear where things are headed. This characterizes the story of many men. We are willing, but just not sure what exactly is going on or what is being asked of us.  And the last thing we want is something else we might fail at.

Live a Better Story…

Many of the pictures we have of men are either idealized or marginalized. Consequently, most of the environments men find themselves in either expect perfection or nothing at all. Jesus had a question for his first followers in John 1:38. “What do you want?” Our experience is that most men want to be better men and fail in an effort to be perfect men. We believe that 1 degree of change equates great movement over time. So we are in it for the long haul.

Tell your story…

Men are motivated by compelling conversations and compelling experiences.  We usually need some level of risk or investment to be “all in.” This is why the goal is not to get guys to show up to more meetings.  As we learn who God is and what He is up to, we are drawn toward how our lives may impact others. Leadership development, service projects, mission trips, events and adventures create environments and experiences where we can answer the question Jesus asked Peter in Matt 16:15: “Who do you say that I am?”


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