Mission Trip Assistance

Funding Assistance for Mission Trips


Any Hope member or attendee is eligible for short-term mission trip assistance. A discount is given through the participation funding, if still available, and we have the scholarship fund avaialble for those that need extra assistance. 

Short-term Trip Participation Support

Our hope is that we are able to continue trip support each year through our Global Participation Fund. Due to the generous giving of the people of Hope Church and through Dinner on Demand, we are able to provide assistance to people who are called to international missions. 

Update for 2019/2020: We are able to guarentee a 10% discount to 2019/2020 trip members upon signing up for a Dinner on Demand shift (arranged through the Global Department, not Kitchen Staff) or other volunteer opportunities with GO. Please contact global@hopechurchmemphis.com for more information. 

Mission Trip FAQs 


Ways to fundraise for your trip: 

  • Personal Fundraising (i.e. letter writing)
  • Team Fundraising (arranged by trip leader and team)
  • Mission Participation Funding (2019/2020: 10% discount)
  • Additional scholarship support upon application and committee review for highly unusual circumstances. Click here to apply for scholarship funds.

Unless a highly unusual set of circumstances exist, the maximum amount of funding will not exceed 50% for all participants of the total price of the trip excluding excursion expenses.

The following is a list of things that will NOT be provided by Hope Church:

  • Passport expenses
  • Immunizations and medications 
  • Tips or gratuities in excess of trip budget
  • Travel that is not ministry-related (sightseeing, shopping, etc.)
  • Travel day food for self or others
  • Any gifts or equipment the individual may wish to purchase

The funds provided by Hope Church will not exceed 25% in any of these areas:

  • Airfare, taxes and departure fees
  • Lodging or hotel expenses
  • Travel expenses pertaining to ministry areas
  • Any approved teaching aids or ministry-related materials

Please note: This information is for mission trips organized by Hope Church in Memphis, TN for our partners and attendees. We do not provide mission fundraising or scholarships for mission trips through other churches or organizations.

Everyone going on a Hope trip is eligible for assistance through the Global Participation Fund (if available - made aware by Global staff and team leaders). They are made available upon signing up with a trip deposit and signing up for a volunteer opportunity through GO. These funds were donated to help reduce the cost of mission trips. 

Due to IRS regulations, all donations received for a mission trip must be considered donations to Hope Church Missions.  In addition, all donations given to Hope Church are tax deductible; therefore, we can not return any funds in the event an individual and/or team over funds.

Mission Trip FAQs