Mission Trip FAQs

What is the Global Participation Fund?
This fund is comprised of money received from a special offering taken from the Hope community and funds given from Dinner on Demand to help more people go on mission trips.

Am I eligible for Global Participation funds?
Yes, everyone going on a Hope trip is eligible for assistance through the Global Participation Fund (if available - made aware by Global staff and team leaders). They are made available upon signing up with a trip deposit and agreement to volunteer with GO within a calendar year's time of your trip. 

How much can money can I receive from the Global Participation Fund?
Unless a highly unusual set of circumstances exist, the maximum amount of Global Participation funding will not exceed 10% (for all 2019/2020 participants) of the total price of the trip excluding excursion expenses.

Can I receive more assistance than the Global Participation Funds? Potentially. The Global Scholarship Fund is made available to those who need extra assistance above and beyond the participation allotment. We review all applications and the global committee approves based on the biggest needs. 

What are Global Scholarship Funds? Throughout the year people may donate to this fund, which is designated to lend financial support to those who are called but may need assistance to go on a mission trip.

Where can I apply for additional Global Scholarship funding? Apply here

If I raise enough funds needed for trip, will I still receive any participation funds? Yes, these funds were donated to help reduce the cost of mission trips. All participants, signing up with a deposit, receive this funding, if it is still available, up front, day one of signing up. 

In this case, can I be reimbursed for the difference? NO. Due to IRS regulations, all donations received for a mission trip must be considered donations to Hope Church Missions. Your excess funds will go toward your team's general fundraising to be used toward other team members in need or additional project funding.  In addition, all donations given to Hope Church are tax deductible; therefore, we can not return any funds in the event an individual and/or team over funds.

If I can’t go on my planned trip, will my funds transfer? NO. Due to IRS regulations, all donations received for a mission trip must be considered donations to Hope Church Missions, not an individual. 

If the trip cost includes an excursion, will the funds Hope contributes (either participation funds or scholarship) be applied toward that? NO. The percentage of participation funding received will be the trip cost minus excursion. 

What costs may be necessary that are not included in the posted trip price?  If you do not have an updated passport, you will need to purchase one. Also, vaccines are not included in trip cost; however, some countries require vaccines for entry, ie. Uganda - the yellow fever vaccine.