Next Steps

Next Steps

At Hope, we offer several ways to get involved with breaking down racial and socio-economic barriers. Below are a list of events offered at Hope or within Hope Ministries around the city.

Ethnos Class

What is ‘Ethnos?’ It means “ethnic/culture” and the Course is an interracial, intergenerational small group experience designed as a companion to Hope’s long-standing Urban Plunge & Justice Tour Weekends. Ethnos is the “next logical step” in creating friendships and exploring discipleship of others. For many, “befriending” people can be awkward or artificial. ‘Ethnos Ministry’ is designed to take the “pressure off” so that relationships can be naturally formed with other Hope members who share your core values. We examine the issues of ethnicity + similarity through a biblical grid rather than just through a socio-political grid. As those striving to follow Jesus Christ we know that the real issue is “sin not skin.” Ethnos is taught twice a year by Pastor Rufus and runs every Thursday for 8 weeks. Class times are 6:30-8:30 pm. Sorry, there is no childcare offered for this class. This class is invitation only. To get on the invitation list, send your name and email to Di Baddorf,

Mosaic Dinner

Mosaic Dinner celebrates our growing ethnic plus age diversity and unity of the Hope church family. This special diner happens every July! Stay tuned for more info.

Justice Tour

Have you seen the recent movie “Selma”? If not, we encourage you to watch it then join Eli and the Urban Staff for Urban’s annual Justice Tour to Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham. Throughout this life-changing journey you will have the opportunity to walk the same paths as Martin Luther King, Jr. and others in the late ‘50s and ‘60s during turbulent times in our country as they fought for equal rights for all. It is a powerful history lesson. For more info, contact Megan Broadstreet,

Urban Plunge

If you want a greater appreciation for Memphis and its rich history or want a better understanding of how Hope has partnered with other ministries to be the hands and feet of Christ, don’t miss the Urban Plunge! We journey outside our comfort zone to experience life in the inner-city. We will fellowship and share some tears and many laughs! You don’t want to miss this life-changing experience! For more information contact Britney Ebersold,