No Regrets - March 29 & 30 | Hope Church Memphis

No Regrets

It's an inside job.

You can eat kale. You can run marathons. You can eat an apple every day. You can take vitamin supplements. You can do yoga. You can go to the gym every day.  But if you don’t deal with the things going on in your heart and your head, you are still unhealthy.

The greatest enemy is often the inner me.

Anxiety. Dormant hostility. Relationship breakdown. Chronic stress. Low self-esteem. Regret. Guilt. Loneliness. Financial debt. Doubt. Approval addiction. The devil doesn’t have to tie you up in order for you to be bound. He just needs you to preoccupy yourself with these things. For when your heart is sick, your mind will eventually become sick. When your mind and your heart become ill, your physical body will soon follow.

But if you can learn to mature emotionally and to deal with the unresolved things taking place inside of you, no devil in hell, no weapon formed against you, and no enemy can stop you from being free.

Let us teach you how to take your life back. It’s An Inside Job. No Regrets Singles & Relationships Conference 2019 is here.

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This year's No Regrets: It's An Inside Job offers several special guest speakers discussing a variety of topics!  Click the button below to learn more about each speaker featured this year.

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Let us teach you how to take your life back.

It’s An Inside Job.NRSRC 2019 is here.

For our 5th year anniversary, we are going to take it back to the basics.

Conference includes:

  • With more relevant breakout sessions

  • With more engaging speakers

  • With a full-access (question and answer) panel discussion with relationship experts, psychologists and authors

  • With more time to shop with vendors

  • NEW for 2019! Friday Night Live – praise party with special guest

  • NEW for 2019! 13-inch Apple® Macbook drawing! (with registration)

  • And so many more blessings in store for you