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Our Partners 

Global Outreach's approach to our partners is formed from a Biblical viewpoint in response to being called to GO. It is a journey of relationship building and faith demonstrating through acts of love and kindness toward others. God is responsible for the harvest, but we must plant, water and cultivate the seeds. Before the harvest, a lot of other things must happen and we are responding to His call of action.

Global Outreach uses an agricultural development cycle - PLANT, SOW, GROW, HARVEST - as a model to describe the status of our ministry partners. The cycle can be used to describe the ministry partner's own development or the relationship of GO with that ministry partner.


Planting is a description for just getting started. Either they are just a start up or our ministry partner relationship is just getting started. There is vision, but there is not much traction. The needs are usually high and experience is low. The investment risk of GO’s resources is high.


Sowing means the ministry partner has increased potential for success toward their vision and decreased risk for outside investment. GO’s involvement and resourcing begins to increase.


Growing describes a maturing cycle. A time of executing strategy and increased sustainability potential. In this stage familiarity and trust increase.  


Harvest describes a ministry partner as productive, fully sustainable and producing a return on resources invested. They have the ability to give back and to help develop and invest in others. GO receives mutual benefit from relationship without financial investment.


The Cove at Hopewell - to help in the community of orphaned, vulnerable, neglected or abused children and youth. Trips consist of construction, VBS, tutoring and hanging out with the children and general maintenance of the property. 



Pan De Vida- to help in their mission of assisting the poor trying to break the cycle of poverty. GO comes alongside them in their effort to do so through micro-business projects, education and literacy programs and home improvement assistance. Trips will consist of helping in these three areas.


Agape Europe - to come alongside Agape and send teams to build relationships across Europe. Agape Europe is the Western European branch of Campus Crusade for Christ International and is made up of 18 national ministries that seek to make Jesus known through a variety of outreach activities in cooperation with local churches and other missions organizations. 


La Limye’ Orphanage-  working hard to help bring long-term sustainability to local orphanages. Through various construction projects and mentoring programs, we are committed to helping this community grow and know the hope Jesus has for them. Medical mission opportunities are also available in Haiti. 

Place of Hope - to send teams for construction, VBS and community outreach. Place of Hope is an orphanage situated outside of Les Cayes, Haiti, on the western coastal side of the island. The orphanage was founded by native Haitians Andre and Angie Forges, who now reside in Naples, Florida. Hope has aided in the installation of electrical poles and wiring for future power to the orphanage, installation pipes to bring running water to both the kitchen and clinic and completed construction on a basketball court. Hope is working with the board of directors on a long-term sustainability plan for Place of Hope in Haiti.


In Nairobi:

Spring Valley - to come alongside in the aid of the school (350 students), church and young women’s residential housing (51 Girls in a residential dorm. Previous Hope projects include construction of a kitchen, roof, bathroom and stairs.    

Parklands Baptist - to fellowship with and aid in community outreach. Parklands is a very large church partner consisting of approximately 5000 members - Senior Pastor Ambrose. Previous projects include the Mirithi Wing.

Saints Alive - to assist with the church site and outreach. Saints Alive has 1000 members and Hope's main contact is Bishop James Mungania. Previous projects include youth building construction.

Amani Au Juu - to fellowship, minister to and financially support this women's ministry. Amani is an organization striving for women’s empowerment and provides rescue to hundreds of women in Africa. Amani means "peace from above."

In Kibera:

Nairobi Christian Outreach Center - to aid in the school (300 students) and church. Partner individuals are Amos and Daniel Kawgwetha. Previous projects include expansion of school building.

Uweza - to support their arts mission. Uweza is a nonprofit organization that fights the cycle of poverty in Kibera. We nurture and build upon the already existing capabilities and resourcefulness of Kenyans through community-based empowerment programs.

In Ruiru:

Membley Baptist - to aid in community outreach and support financially. Membley was planted by Parklands Baptist Church. Past projects include church construction, medical mission and recreation ministry.

Watu Wa Maana - to support, aid and send teams to minister to the 50 children. Watu is a residential orphanage owned and operated by Wanjiru. Past Projects include installation and development of onsite aquaponics, fish farm and rented kiosks as well as general maintenance construction. Hope has sent teams to hold medical clinics, children's ministry programs and Vacation Bible School.

Githunguri Medical Clinic - to aid, support and send teams to the medical clinic. Past projects include maternity wing construction and an installation of a water tower for the Empowerment Program at the medical clinic.


Sports Outreach - to help in construction projects in and around Ometepec, Guerrero. Over the last 15 years, groups from Memphis have made multiple construction trips to Ometepec constructing various buildings for a Presbyterian Church led by an American minister, Tim Wood and his wife Barbara, who have lived in Ometepec most of their lives.  Tim is affiliated with Sports Outreach in the USA. 


In Jinja:

Providence World Missions - to aid in the mission house and preschool run by our partner Nakaima Robinah.           

Sera Caring Place - to send teams to minister to the children living at Sera’s Place. Caring Place is a home for 20 boys and three girls who were previously living on the streets in Jinja, Uganda in East Africa.

Mailbox Club - to send dynamic leaders to bring more visibility and more energy to all the clubs. Great way for teams to spread out and help lead these groups. Mailbox Club is run by Carolyn and Bob Jacobson. They use Bible curriculum that they give out to children for mentorship and discipleship opportunities. The club is functioning in 10 schools plus the location we visited.

Women's Crisis Pregnancy Center - to assist in disciplining girls and suppling medication and prenatal and delivery packets. We also assist in cooking lessons in the kitchen and mentorship programs for the children. Women's Crisis Pregnancy Center is run by Carolyn Jacobson. She brings in women who would be shunned from their homes. Some of these ladies have been raped and have nowhere to go. They start as young as 14.

Good Shepherds Fold - to support, aid and send teams to the orphanage that has 80 children (18 of which are special needs). They have a school of 400 children as well as minister to so many around the community.

Heal Ministries - to support, aid and send teams to Heal Ministries. They build relationships and implement Christ-centered programs addressing the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of abandoned women and children. They desire for vulnerable families to become holistically transformed and empowered to stay together and live sustainably within their communities. Founded by Tina Weir.

United States

House on Beekman - Hope partners with A House on Beekman for its annual summer Kid’s Camp in South Bronx, NY. It is a great week for Hope to organize, host and serve the children of South Bronx. 


HTLOT (Help The Least of These) - nonprofit organization formed to serve the extreme poor in Africa and other nations. Hope partners with HTLOT in Belize, Kenya and Uganda.


Operation Christmas Child - Hope Church is the Regional Collection Center for our area. We partner with OCC to collect thousands of shoebox gifts to send around the world, sharing the love of Christ.