Our Partners

Our Partners 

Global Outreach's approach to our partners is formed from a Biblical viewpoint in response to being called to GO. It is a journey of relationship building and faith demonstrating through acts of love and kindness toward others. God is responsible for the harvest, but we must plant, water and cultivate the seeds. Before the harvest, a lot of other things must happen and we are responding to His call of action.

Global Outreach uses an agricultural development cycle - PLANT, SOW, GROW, HARVEST - as a model to describe the status of our ministry partners. The cycle can be used to describe the ministry partner's own development or the relationship of GO with that ministry partner.


Planting is a description for just getting started. Either they are just a start up or our ministry partner relationship is just getting started. There is vision, but there is not much traction. The needs are usually high and experience is low. The investment risk of GO’s resources is high.


Sowing means the ministry partner has increased potential for success toward their vision and decreased risk for outside investment. GO’s involvement and resourcing begins to increase.


Growing describes a maturing cycle. A time of executing strategy and increased sustainability potential. In this stage familiarity and trust increase.  


Harvest describes a ministry partner as productive, fully sustainable and producing a return on resources invested. They have the ability to give back and to help develop and invest in others. GO receives mutual benefit from relationship without financial investment.

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