Preaching & Teaching Team at Hope Church • Team of Pastors

Preaching & Teaching Team

Many folks grew up with only one pastor, or at least one position of Pastor in their church. At Hope, we feature a preaching/teaching team.

Rev. Rufus Smith (Senior Pastor), preaches most often followed by Dr. Eli Morris (Senior Associate Pastor), and Dr. Craig Strickland (Founding Pastor) speaks as well.  

In addition, Rev. Freddie Albaugh (Marriage and Family Pastor), Rev. Issac Curry (Single Adults), and Rev. Jessica Morris (Ministries) also make valuable weekend contributions. This rotation allows the congregation to benefit from different perspectives. Our preaching/teaching team puts biblical faith into easy modern language for application in your everyday life.

Freddie Albaugh

Marriage & Family Pastor

Preaching & Teaching Team

Freddie has been at Hope since 2011. As Marriage & Family/Small Groups Pastor, he works with couples, parents and families to encourage them to live out their faith as they build their families. This entails meeting with couples and families in times of crisis, develop and help people find community, and teach marriage and families classes, just to name a few things. He lives in Germantown with his family.