Project 29:11

Project 29:11

 I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord.
They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.

Jeremiah 29:11 (GW)

This has been our guiding verse for almost 29 years. It provides hope for those of us that are here and call HOPE “HOME.” And just like any home, time often demands repairs and refurbishments that go beyond normal wear and tear. For some parts of our campus home, it has been some 20 years since it has last been updated. Maintenance is done on all areas of our space, everyday. But that is not the type of update we want to accomplish now. With your help, we can invest in our future by updating our past. Thoughtfully titled, Project 29:11 will provide a variety of campus enhancements that will give Hope both youthful excitement and an infrastructure that can support another 20 years of impactful ministry to Memphis.

Current Status

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Updates include…

Student Ministry interior and exterior updates

Our Student Ministries are located in the first Hope structure built on this property 21 years ago. Updates to this building have occurred throughout its history, most recently retrofitting the space to try to support the needs of our students. The time has come to invest in our future, the youth that reside within this ministry. Updates include a new exterior activity and gathering space, and reconstructing interior classroom and hallway spaces to make them more suitable for ministry to junior and senior high students. It also includes making these areas more accessible to those with disabilities, so that all can be easily included.

South Hall & Chapel updates

This space hosts hundreds of regular classes and meetings, but also a variety of LIFE events including weddings and funerals. Fixture and flooring updates, technical enhancements and repairs are in order to continue to serve for those special times, as well as weekly classes and events.

Sanctuary video systems update

How many computers do you have in your house that are older than 10 years? Well, all of our sanctuary video systems are run on computers that are original to when the building was built, and are showing their age. Failures have been abundant in the past two years and the time has come to stabilize the system and prepare it for another decade of digital labor.

restrooms, Roofing & flooring repair and maintenance

All adult main corridor restrooms will be refurbished with repairs and updated fixtures.The roof over our home is very expansive and band-aids are starting to need band-aids. Simply put, we need repairs that outweigh our typical maintenance budget line item. And with foot traffic of over one million feet per year within the walls of our house, carpet in a myriad of places needs replacing, too.

Project 29:11 gives us the ability to make a BIG change to our space that will inspire BIG impact for our entire Hope family. Together, here’s how we can do it. The total cost for all updates is $3.8 million. If each family that regularly gives today, can give $1,000 over and above their normal giving during the 100-day campaign, we will have raised the total amount! It can be provided by pledge card (or online here)  and can be spaced out over the 100 days, if you like. We are aware that some cannot give this amount, while others can give significantly more. Either way, give what you can, with a smile in your heart, knowing that your contribution is part of creating and sustaining our home to “engage our unchurched experience Jesus.” Stay tuned for more updates!