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Disaster Relief

Hope Church has a long history of helping those in need when disaster strikes. Our financial and other resources are invested into the second wave, post 30 days of disaster, to ensure that displaced victims can return to structurally sound and renovated properties. Restoration Hope's emphasis is to coordinate with other networks of influence, overseeing and empowering the local churches in a given disaster.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding Restoration Hope Disaster Relief, please contact Bret Spiegleman (Bret.Spiegelman@HopeChurchMemphis.com) or Beverly Campbell (Beverly.Campbell@HopeChurchMemphis.com).

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Our Mission
  • Empower credible, knowledgeable, capable churches or other para-church organizations, with grassroots connections in the community.
  • Focus on the “2nd Wave of Need” returning uninsured people back into their homes. This will involve “gap” funding & more skilled labor.
  • Through the local church connections, at least 55% of our help would focus on Jesus Followers & church members who have been displaced. The other 45% would be toward evangelistic to unbelievers.
How To Get Involved
  • Pray
  • Volunteer (Skilled labor, Logistic Team Leads, Spriritual Team Leads)
  • Donate (Equipment, Supplies, Travel Trailers)
  • Connect us with Local and State Partners
  • Give financially by clicking the button below
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