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Table Time

Welcome to Table Time!

The idea is to get your family around the dinner table, and talk about your faith in your own home! Pick one night of the week to become Table Time for your family.

Table Time General Guidelines
  • Turn all screens off (TVs, tablets, etc.). 
  • Put phones down and to the side. 
  • Turn on some worship music (sing along during dinner prep and keep as background music during your meal and discussion). 
  • Have everyone in the home participate in making dinner and setting the table. 
  • Sit down together and read through the Table Time discussions. See if you can get everyone to participate in each question. 
  • At the end of the meal, ask if anyone has a prayer request and then pray together (it doesn’t have to be long). If the Table Time discussions stall out, rephrase or change the subject! 
  • Everyone helps with clean-up, and turn the music back up!

For Young Families For Families with Teens No kids/Empty nesters For small groups REGISTER HERE FOR DIGITAL COPY

Young Families

Tips for families with younger kids: 

  • Let your younger kids stir or mix ingredients. It might get a little messy, but they will love helping! 
  • Let your younger kids make everyone’s plate. You can help them determine what is a good portion.They can make sure everyone gets a fruit or veggie. They can even take orders on paper to practice writing and organization. 
  • Let your younger kids pick dessert. Then assure them that once the dinner conversation is over, it will be time for something sweet! 
  • Invite Grandma and Grandpa over. They will love to see their grandbabies and will add great insight to the discussion time. 

Families with Teens

Tips for families with teenagers: 

  • Let your teenager lead the cooking. It might not taste exactly the same as if you had made it, but they will likely enjoy the ownership and responsibility of cooking and serving the meal. 
  • Let your teenager lead the discussion. The can ask the questions and make sure that everyone gets their turn to speak. Make sure your teenager also answers the questions themselves. 
  • Let your teenager make the worship playlist. Many teens love music. This would be a great way 
  • Let your teenager calculate calorie intake. This is less about weight loss and more about learning how different foods affect our bodies. Those pizza slice calories can really add up fast! They can also learn that more calories isn’t always bad (i.e. avocados and peanut butter). Teach your teenagers about nutrition while cooking together. 

No Kids/EMpty NEsters

  • Use the Table Time discussions and also flip it over for the Sermon Study Guide. The Table Time discussions are intended to be a little easier to discuss. The Study Guide questions get into some deeper theological topics. 
  • Consider inviting another couple over for Table Time. This can be a couple of peer-age or you could use it as a mentoring opportunity.

(Empty Nesters) Use Table Time as a reason to get the family together more often. Invite the kids home for a free meal and time together.

Small Groups

  • Table Time discussion can also help your Small Group get more out of the previous weekend’s sermon. Use both the Table Time and the Study Guide sides to encourage faithful discussions. 
  • Rotate who cooks. Have the men cook one night and let the ladies relax. Or vice versa.