Team Read Coordinator

If you are interested in the job below, please download our application here. You may digitally complete the application, or print it and submit it via scan-to-email or fax. Please submit your resume at the same time.

Fax: 901-754-7605
Street Address: 8500 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 38018

Team Read Coordinator

(Part Time Hourly Position, 20-30 hours per week during the school year, the summer schedule will be more limited. Annual hours will average 20 per week)

The Team Read will execute programs and related to improving the education experiences of children in our city along with collaboration with the senior manager coordinating church wide education initiatives.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Direct Hope’s Team Read program
  • Recruit and maintain the volunteer base needed to staff this program
  • Provide and oversee training for all Team Read volunteers
  • Meet with School leaders to determine the best times and best practices for each school
  • Staff each shift with shift leaders and coaches for each child
  • Be present and engaged in the various school shifts.- focused on the areas with the greatest need
  • Oversee the pre and post testing, including turning in all required reports
  • Collaborate with the Church wide education coordinator to provide additional activities, best practices for working with students. Schedule a monthly meeting to discuss educational practices, needs, ideas. This may include meeting with seasoned teachers for ideas and activities.
  • Work to assign kids to coaches that can best meet the needs of lower performing students
  • Connect with the classroom teachers to build relationships and find ways we can assist as needed.
  • Handle the day to day needs for each school – including making sure each school has the supplies they need
  • Ensure success for the ministry of Team Read
  • Look for ways to expand the ministry of Team Read  including ideas such as summer reading program or after school reading /bible clubs
  • Help direct other church  initiatives for educators who attend Hope
  • Assist as needed with the  Educator workroom
  • Ensures projects are delivered on schedule within budget.
  • Do “whatever it takes” to accomplish the mission of Jesus Christ through Hope Church.
  • Works week days. Weekend work would be event specific

Education Requirements

  • College Degree required. Degree in Education preferred.

Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 3 yrs. experience teaching or providing ministry within a school setting
  • Demonstrated ability to identify problems, develop solutions and implement a course of action.
  • Skilled in the identification, assessment and contingence planning.
  • Exceptionally strong leadership skills
  • Proven ability to motivate teams to achieve events/services and be able to work effectively with staff and volunteers.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills