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Congratulations on your engagement! Your church family is excited to be part of not only your preparation for marriage but also your journey as husband and wife. Included here is some general information about having your wedding at Hope or with a Hope Pastor. The information below is strictly a general overview. Much more detail, including costs and venue availability in handouts provided by our Events team. If you are interested in contacting them, please click the button below to begin! 

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Some info Before your big day…

Hope’s ordained pastors officiate weddings at Hope Church as well as other venues in our city. Many couples host the wedding at the reception venue. If you are wanting a Hope Pastor to officiate off campus, please contact us at weddings@hopechurchmemphis.com and we will assist you in arranging for a Hope pastor.  

Premarital counseling is offered through a variety of ways. Rules of Engagement is a small group setting that meets several times during the year. This class covers the state requirements for a reduced fee for your marriage license. Our pastors also will require that you meet with them as a couple to prepare for your marriage. Each pastor has their own requirements. 

A requirement for having a wedding *at Hope Church is that you have a relationship with Hope, by either being a member, parents are members, or you are a regular attendee and have a willingness to participate in the Introducing Hope Series to become a member. Weddings at Hope Church are officiated by Hope Pastors.  

*Please note that Hope does not rent its facilities to persons that do not have a relationship with Hope.

Chapel Weddings

Weddings in Hope's Chapel can be scheduled 12 months out for members and no more than 6 months out for non-members/regular attenders. Hope’s chapel will seat approximately 275–300 people.

Norfleet Garden

Some brides/grooms request to use the Norfleet Garden for a small intimate wedding. For these weddings there is no sound available or seating. There is no set up, just the beauty of the garden area. In the case of rain, another public area or a pastor’s office will be made available.

Moses Bubbling Rock Garden

Another option for a small, intimate ceremony is the Moses Bubbling Rock Garden. Like the Norfleet Garden, this space offers no setup, just the beauty of the garden. In the case of rain, another public area or a pastor’s office will be made available.