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Our 2020-21 school year is in full swing! A few simple reminders:

  • Drop off your child(ren) at their designated age-level location (if you are unsure where this is, please inquire with your classroom teacher).
  • All adults, please wear a mask at all times.
  • You will pick up your chil(ren) at the same location as drop off.
  • Many hours of planning and execution have gone into making this start safe and efficient as possible. We ask for your patience and positive attitude as we adjust to this new school year model.

If you have any questions or your enrollment status has changed, please email or call HPS Enrollment Administrator Christine Estes, 901-844-4673 (

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Our preschool's curriculum emphasizes hands-on, play-oriented learning. Our teachers encourage children to learn by doing. In the infant/toddler classes, babies learn to separate from their parents and have their first social interactions. The one-year olds become better at sharing and are exposed to art and literature.  Beginning with our two-year-old class, monthly units expose children to a variety of materials related to a theme. Specific goals and curriculum are established for each age group.


If you would like to tour our program and register for the 2020-2021 school year, please email Margaret Blount or call 901-844-4673 to schedule a tour on a Monday or Wednesday.


Our Memphis area preschool takes place in a clean, safe facility where your child can learn from a wealth of materials while also having fun and acting like a kid. Our varied curriculum provides many different kinds of experiences for your child in order to promote physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development. We offer plenty of time for your child to try new things and learn at his or her own pace. We also keep child/teacher ratios low so teachers can offer individualized attention.

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Class hours: 9:30 am - 2:30 pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. September through May  

  • Infants/Toddlers - Must be four months old by August 15, 2020. 2 days each week: Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Ones - Must have turned one by August 15, 2020. 3 days each week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or 2 days each week Tuesday and Thursday (Children may attend 2 or 3 days).
  • Twos - Must have turned two by August 15, 2020. 3 days each week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or 2 days each week Tuesday and Thursday (Children may attend 2 or 3 days).
  • Threes - Must have turned three by August 15, 2020. 3 days each week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or 2 days each week Tuesday and Thursday (Children may attend 2 or 3 days).
  • Fours - Must have turned four by August 15, 2020. 3 days each week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or 2 days each week Tuesday and Thursday (Children may attend 2 or 3 days).
  • Transition Class - Must have turned five by August 15, 2020. 3 days each week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Kids at Preschool in Memphis, TN

Tuition payments

Tuition payments are due the first of each month, September through April. September tuition was paid in May, tuition will be due on the first of each month beginning in September for October (remember, you pay one month in advance). BEGINNING IN SEPTEMBER YOU WILL HAVE THE OPTION TO HAVE TUITION AUTOMATICALLY DRAFTED FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH OR SET UP AUTOMATIC BILL PAY THROUGH YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. 

At this point, we are not accepting cash payments. Payments are considered late after the 10th of the month which are subject to a $10 late fee. Returned check fee is $20.

TUITION 2020-21

  • Infants attending 2 days each week- $215 for the month
  • Children attending 2 days each week-$205 for the month
  • Children attending 3 days each week-$290 for the month

Registration takes place annually for each school year. We start enrollment in February for fall classes. At the time of registration, we ask that you pay a registration fee of $75.00 per child or $100.00 per family. This fee is non-refundable.

There is a one-time activity fee of $65.00 per child. This fee will be included with the first month’s tuition, due on May 1, 2020.

Hope Preschool can only accept checks at this time for any payment.

Kids at Preschool

Kids in Preschool


Hope’s transitional class is a program specifically designed to meet the needs of students who have completed a four-year old program, yet are not quite ready for kindergarten. These children may have a late birthday that exceeds school cutoff or may need another year for social, emotional, intellectual or physical growth. The day is organized like a regular kindergarten class, but expands creative exploration to help the children develop confidence socially and academically. Due to the unique nature of this classroom, the teacher is able to develop more individualized plans based on each child’s ability. A personalized curriculum allows each child to move forward at their own pace fostering the confidence needed to succeed in kindergarten.

2020-21 Calendar

  • September 8 • Frist Day of Preschool
  • October 13–16 • Fall Break
  • November 24–27 • Thanksgiving Break
  • December 18–January 1 • Christmas Break
  • January 5 • Preschool Resumes
  • March 15–19 • Spring Break 
  • April 2 • Good Friday
  • May 18 • Last Day of Preschool

Preschool Calendar


Hope Preschool follows the guidelines of National Association for the Education of Young Children and the licensing requirements of the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Preschool Contact

Margaret Blount

Hope 4 Kids Step Coordinator / Interim Weekday Preschool Director

All Staff, Hope for Kids, Weekday Preschool