Classes at the well

Hope Church is busy on Wednesday nights! We have a variety of different classes and programs for adults, youth, and kids. Some of our programs include Bible study, youth and kid activities, worship, marriage and parental support and more. We have something for everyone. See a full list of our programs below.

The Well Class Descriptions
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From Search to Change
Chapel • Taught by: Dr. Eli Morris (Sr. Associate Pastor) • March 23 – April 27
As Christians, our search contains an eternal purpose. But like any search party, we can get lost. In previous classes, Eli Morris taught us to unfold the maps and utilize the guidebooks to Search for God’s best in our lives. Now that we have learned to search, we must move that search into concrete change in our lives. Register today to start your change. 

GROW: The Six Trials of Jesus
Room 238 • March 23 – April 13
After the Last Supper and before his crucifixion, Jesus went through six different legal trials. Three of the trials were civil (Roman) and three of the trials were religious (Jewish). Pontius Pilate said, "I find no guilt in this man (Luke 23:4)." Then why was Jesus crucified? GROW: The Six Trials of Jesus will spend four weeks focusing on each of the trials answering, (1) who was the judge?, (2) what was the verdict?, and (3) what happened next? This class leads right up to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. 

Room 303 • Facilitated by: MOMS PM Leaders • March 23 – April 27
As moms, we are all driven by the need to do what is best for our kids. But how do you determine what is best? And how do you keep that “good thing” from becoming the “ultimate thing” in your life? The PM Moms invite you to join us as we study Tim Keller’s book, Counterfeit Gods. Over the next seven weeks, we will learn to properly align our hearts with God so that we can be the best version of ourselves for our kids. Book purchase is strongly recommended, but not required, for group attendance.

March 23: Anne Floyd • Nourishing your children's mental health 
March 30: Chris Johnson • Nourishing your teenager's spiritual growth 
April 6: Keith Weiss • Nourishing preschool and elementary children's spiritual growth 
April 20: Chad Johnson • Navigating Kids and Technology 
April 27: Rufus Smith • Biblical Parenting

GROW: What's Your Worldview?
Room 230 • Taught by Jessica Shoup (Global Outreach Director) & Chad Johnson (Community Engagement Pastor) March 30 – April 27
Have you ever wanted to be the main character in a book where you determine the plot? Well, this is your chance! During these four weeks, we will study, What’s Your Worldview? by James N. Anderson, which can be compared to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. But rather than choosing an adventure, you’ll end up choosing a worldview. Your worldview plays a central and defining role in your life. It represents your most fundamental beliefs and assumptions about the universe you inhabit. But it usually sits in the background of our thoughts. This study is meant to help you identify and clarify your worldview – equipping you to think carefully about not only what you believe but why you believe it and how it impacts the rest of your life. Register today to “Choose Your Worldview.”

Re/Engage Marriage
Room 222/224 • Taught by Steve Tilleros (Family Ministry Pastor) • March 23 – April 27 • March 23 – April 27

The ultimate goal of re|engage is to assist couples on the journey of becoming better disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe as our hearts align with God's plan and desire for our lives, all relationships (including our marriages) will strengthen. This five-week session combines biblical insight on marital topics along with a small group discussion opportunity. If you are looking for more from your marriage, this is the place to begin!

Introducing Hope
Room 232 March 30 – April 27
Ready to take your next steps with us at Hope? Great! This course introduces you to who we are and what we're all about! Introducing Hope is a four-week class where you'll learn more about our mission and our vision! We'll also help you develop and move forward in your personal faith journey while connecting you to our family through community and weekend service opportunities! We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into our growing family!

The Chosen
Room 227 • Led by Kinley Ray & Michelle and Don Hailey • March 23 – April 27
This class will watch and discuss The Chosen (Christian TV series). Participants should watch each episode in advance of the class and come prepared to share several observations. The class facilitators will pick several clips each week to watch together and discuss. The Chosen can be watched for FREE on any computer or smart device. Just search "Watch The Chosen online" and follow the links. There are several platforms where you can find it. 


for kids…

WOW! Kids exists to truly blend faith and fun! Energetic music, exciting activities, and engaging safe relationships help us find our hope and purpose in Christ. Every kid will walk away with the gospel on their level so that God may be imprinted into their lives and that joy may be shared with their friends. Never forget, Jesus was once a kid! Join us to celebrate life as He would with Hope 4 Kids. All children’s activities begin at 6:30 pm (doors open at 6:15) and end promptly at 7:30 pm. For more information, contact Hope 4 Kids Director/Pastor Keith Weiss (

WOW! Special Kids and Adults is a place where we believe all individuals are created in His image and have a unique purpose. It is our mission to lift individuals to their fullest potential, help them discover their God-given talents, and share those talents within the Body of Christ. For more information on how to join the fun, contact Macky & Friends Director, Karen Walls (

For Students…

On Wednesday nights at HSM (Hope Student Ministries), we are here to give some midweek encouragement to students in grades 6-12! After a long Wednesday in class, many students come straight to Hope from school, while others get shuttled here by our Wednesday after school pick up vans. Our event is a fun, loud, and semi-chaotic collection of music, games, and teaching full of grace and truth. We want you to enjoy yourself with no added pressure! So bring a friend, and come join us Wednesday nights for a whole lot of fun. High School meets in The Big Room (Entrance 6) and Middle School meets in the Gym.

To learn more about student programs and activities throughout the week, along with trip and service opportunities, visit